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The Calling Community Church



We are a Christ-centered, non-denominational church in the Northland that creates space for all people to experience the COMPASSIONATE LOVE OF THE FATHER.


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Senior Pastor

Pastor Brady - a long-time resident of Platte City, MO - committed himself to sharing God's love with the community since he began in ministry as a Youth Pastor in 1998. His desire to foster an authentic love of God in people's lives through outreach and ministry eventually lead to the planting of The Calling Community Church on Father's Day in 2014 with a core team of men and women who want to see others experience the compassionate love of the Father and be transformed by His love.

In his spare time, you can find Pastor Brady enjoying a cup of coffee at Bee Creek, spending time with his wife, five children, and five grandchildren.

But ultimately, Pastor Brady's joy is greatest when he witnesses others discovering God's love and calling in their own lives. He is committed to loving God and loving others well each and every day of his life.

Tonys Profile

Worship Pastor

Born and raised in the Kansas City area, Tony is passionate about using his homegrown musical gifts to spread the love of Christ in his hometown where The Calling Community Church is planted. His approach to worship ministry is to trust the gift of worship in those musicians whom God has called, and to collaboratively usher the body of Christ into the Lord's presence.

An avid reader, music-listener, and self-proclaimed history buff, Tony spends a lot of time reading about music, creating music, and discoursing about modern music history...or the most recent concert he attended. He enjoys spending time with his literature-loving wife (where they frequently debate both music and lyrics) and delighting in their two young children. While he does hold a 9-5 (Mortgage banker by day...worship minister by night), he is fascinated and inspired by music and the way God uses and moves through music to capture and embrace the human heart. It is his highest hope to encounter God in new ways through worship and to bring others to that place of encounter with the Most High...and also to live in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth.

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Director of Benevolence and Outreach

Beth and Tony were integral to The Calling even before it was established as a church. On the Sunday preceding the church's 2014 launch, 32 individuals congregated in their living room for prayer, worship, and offerings. The next Sunday marked our inaugural meeting at the YMCA, which has since become a significant part of our history.

Over the years, Beth has assumed numerous roles... There was a period when Beth could be spotted in a police uniform, her distinctive curly blonde hair making her stand out. However, after many years in law enforcement, she traded her badge for her Bible, retiring from public service to dedicate herself to full-time ministry for Jesus.

Beth not only manages the Benevolence and Outreach ministry but also mentors several women in the church and assists Pastor Brady as needed.

A Platte County High School alumna, Beth, along with Tony, resides just outside Platte City. Together, they have four adult children, four grandchildren, and an impressively large pack of dogs...
[Indeed, their canine family is quite extensive.]

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Security and The Calling Kids Ministry Director

Brandon and Joy Grosko have dedicated themselves to serving The Calling for several years. Joy has been fully committed since the first day, Father's Day in 2014.

Brandon leads a team that ensures the safety of everyone on our church premises at all times.

Over the years, Joy has taken on various roles, but most notably, she manages The Calling Kids Ministry. She directs the volunteers, cherishes the children, conducts Bible lessons, and supports the parents.

It's a rarity for Brandon and Joy to be absent from church; however, they occasionally indulge in an outdoor adventure. Brandon, an avid nature lover, enjoys photography, and Joy, sharing his passion, accompanies him.

Brandon is a transplant, while Joy is a proud graduate of Platte County.

They are blended family that enjoy their adult children, their grandchildren, their dog and their cat.
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Administrative Assistant

Trish grew up in Wichita, Kansas. Her faith was formed by faithful parents, a really great youth pastor and a solid upbringing at Metropolitan Baptist Church.

As a young adult she moved to the Kansas City area and worked as an administrative assistant for a few different companies. It was in these jobs that she honed her organization skills that make her a perfect fit for her role at The CCC.

Pastor Brady is the people person and she is the paper person. It was a match made in heaven! Actually it was an answer to a prayer as a young girl. Trish always knew that some day she would be married to a pastor.

She spends her weeks keeping track of Pastor Brady, plus all the office and calendar details. She has served her husband and the church faithfully since day one with a "whatever needs to be done" attitude.

In her spare time, she loves reading, worshipping, listening to podcasts, keeping up with her adult children, watching her grandchildren, walking her dogs Annie and Sonny, and being a friend and a confidant to ladies in the church.

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We were created for COMMUNITY.

We welcome all people at The Calling. No matter where you are in your walk with JESUS or knowledge of HIS WORD, you have a place here. We want to walk alongside you and help you learn who God has created you to be.

Learn more about our beliefs: